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We've made it easier to buy a new home!

Purchasing a new home, or an existing one, can be overwhelming. We’ve eased the struggle by offering loans with 5 – 20% down payment and no closing costs!

  • Applying is easy with our 8 minute loan application.
  • The process is fast with our automated documentation
  • The signing is easy with our online eSign
  • 5% – 20% down payment
  • No Closing costs!*

*Rate published February 3, 2020 at 12:45pm cst

  • 3.875% with a rebate of $4,309 for closing costs. APR 3.965%
  • Monthly payment $1,317 (PI Principle & Interest)
  • 30 year fixed rate loan
  • This payment is based on a purchase price of $350,000 with 20% down payment in the amount of $28,000 and FICO score of 780.

The time to buy a home is now

With rent on the rise and interest rates so low, it’s silly to continue paying for someone else’s mortgage!

You could own a home for as little as $1,317 a month (principle and interest)*

Call us today for a quick 5 minute chat to find out how much home you qualify or apply online with our 8 minute loan application.

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