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Why eMortgage?... Borrowers love it!

A mortgage process that is faster and more transparent

Whether you apply online or over the phone, your loan will be processed DIRECTLY by your licensed Loan Officer. Your file will never be passed to several departments where it may sit for months at the bottom of their pile.

Less paper intensive. More automated online verification

Our digital process allows for your Licensed Loan Officer to quickly submit your loan package for approval within days instead of weeks like most lenders.

Approval & Closing within days instead of weeks or months

We average 10 days for approval and CTC (Clear to Close)!

Why we love it

Reduced paperwork

With our streamlined digital process, we are able to spend more time listening and understanding our customers short term and long term goals.

Greater certainty on loan

Within a few minutes to a couple of days, we're able to submit the file to underwriting for a full approval.

Faster, smoother closings

Our primary goal it is to make the whole loan process easier, faster and more affordable!

Ready to begin?

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