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Welcome to our monthly series of steps to owning a home in one year!

We’ve put together a one year plan to help you accomplish your goal of owning a home. Each month, we’re adding a new step along with tips and a recap of prior steps.

February Step 2 - Evaluate your credit

Your credit history plays a vital role in getting a home loan. It affects the approval of the loan and the interest rate & terms that you’ll receive.

It may seem complicated in the beginning, but it’s really not.

Tip: Only pull your free report from one bureau every four months.

Free Credit Report

If you haven’t already, download your free copy of your credit report from just ONE bureau.

We recommend just pulling from one bureau every 4 months, since you only get one a year free from each. This way we can track your progress.

Please be safe and only use the free annual credit report link from the FTC website by clicking here.


Review your credit report thoroughly for errors.

Things to look for:

  • Someone else’s information in your report
  • Information about you from a long time ago (especially more than 7 years ago)
  • Incorrect information about your payment history or accounts. Don’t forget to look at the account balance.
  • Accounts that you did not open yourself — a sign that someone may have stolen your identity

Tip:Take good notes when speaking with someone (names, date & results)

Tip:Take good notes when speaking with someone (names, date & results)

Tip: Do NOT dispute items on your report for the sake of improving your score. The dispute may have the opposite affect, is difficult to remove and sometimes makes an old item appear new on your report!

Tip: Do NOT ask that the credit bureau add your cell phone, utility bills etc to your report. These do not have any affect on improving your credit score for a mortgage and actually delay your loan because we have to remove them!

Follow the experts advice

We highly recommend you review 3 short videos that our credit reporting vendor has provided before you do anything with regard to your credit.

Credit 101 – Understanding Credit scores

Credit 102 – Improving Credit Scores & avoiding identity theft

Credit 103 – Industry trends impacting credit scores

If you have any questions, please call us at 720-608-1644. They do not provide any assistance to the public.

If your goal is to buy a home in one year


  • Open any new accounts
  • Do not close any accounts
  • Do not let anyone pull your credit
  • Do not apply for any other loans
  • Do not make any late payments
  • Do not add regular bills to your credit report such as your mobile phone and utility bills


  • Pay all your bills on time.
  • Pay down the credit cards that over 30% of the limit
  • Keep all accounts open and even a few with a small balance
  • If you have no credit, consider opening a credit card account.
  • If you have poor credit, consider opening a secured credit card. Make small purchases and timely payments.