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How does a 15 year loan compare to a 30 year loan?

Now that you’ve called us for a quote, let’s take a look at how a 15 year loan compares to a 30 year  loan.

The interest rate for a 15 year loan might be lower but the loan is repaid over a shorter period, so you’ll save on overall interest paid but your monthly payments will be higher.

For example, try inserting 3.5 for the 30 year loan and 3.125 for the 15 year loan.

When you call us for a quote, we’ll give you exact rates to compare.

Calculate your mortgage payment
for a 30 year mortgage

Calculate your mortgage payment
for a 15 year mortgage.

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Current average published rates

U.S. Weekly averages as of 1/23/2020 published by Freddie Mac.

Your interest rate will depend on 10 key factors.

When you see an advertised interest rate it is usually based on the best possible circumstances, such as: an 800 FICO score, 40 -60% down payment, closing in 5 days, a 15 year loan and even, believe it or not… paying thousands for the lower rate!

There are 10 factors that affect your interest rate. In order to get your best rate, it’s important to know those 10 factors and be prepared.  Read more here

Average commitment rates should be reported along with average fees and points to reflect the total upfront cost of obtaining the mortgage. Visit the following link for the Definitions. Borrowers may still pay closing costs which are not included in the survey.

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