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It's a great idea to be pre-approved for a loan before you start looking!
What is the difference between being Pre-Qualified and Pre-Approved?

Advantages to being pre-qualified for a home loan:

A Pre-Qualification is a discussion. We do not collect any pay stubs or bank statements. 

You get an idea of your loan options.
You get an idea of how much home you and your budget are comfortable with.
You’ll feel comfortable looking at homes online.

 A Pre-Qualification is just a conversation or review of what you have told us. A Pre-Approval is necessary in the current Sellers Market before you make an offer.

Advantages to being pre-approved for a home loan:

A Pre-Approval is a fully documented loan file. We review your pay stubs and bank statements to determine exactly how much you qualify for a loan.

You know exactly what your loan options are.
You’ll have most, if not all, of your paperwork competed.

Once you find a home, we’ll be ready to submit your loan to the underwriter within 24 hours! A fast approval helps you sleep easier and helps the Seller feel confident accepting your purchase offer! 

You’ll received a Pre-Approval letter from a reputable lender which makes you..

An ideal candidate to buy a home!

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